Privacy Policy

Welcome to the Platform. The Privacy Policy of the website is hereby explained to provide you with secure access to the services and information on the Platform and protect your interests. Please read the following contents carefully:

Article 1. Applicable Scope of the Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy Statement is applicable to services provided by the Platform. Principles for the collection, processing, use, and protection of personal information when you browse or use the services and information on the Platform.

Article 2. Information Collection and Method of Use

I. The Platform shall abide by the "Personal Information Protection Act" and related laws of the Republic of China in the collection, processing, and use of personal information.

II. The Platform collects personal information for the following purpose: The organization of related affairs for the "International Postdoctoral Fellowship Program".

III. When you use the platform, we will use cookies for management and activity records. They include records of your IP address, browser type, time, and other log data as reference for improving the website services of the Platform. If you do not accept cookies, you can elevate your privacy settings in the functions of your browser to reject cookies but it may prevent certain functions of the website from normal operations.

IV. To provide refined and accurate services, we compile statistics and conduct analyses on the data form you provide. The results of the analyses shall only be presented in overall data and descriptive tests. In addition to internal research, the Platform may publish such data and descriptive text but shall not publish specific personal information.

Article 3. Data Management and Maintenance

I. If you need to change the information you registered, the Platform provides features that allow you to update your information.

II. You have the right to manage and update your information. Where the data you register is incorrect or incomplete, the Platform shall contact you and remind you to correct or complete the information or assist you in correcting or completing the information based on your agreement.

Article 4. Data Protection

I. To prevent illegal access to the database system by external entities, a firewall system has been installed on the server of the Platform and dedicated personnel have been assigned to the management and maintenance tasks of the database. In addition, only authorized personnel have access to your personal information. Related personnel have signed confidentiality agreements and will be subject to legal penalties in the event of a violation of their confidentiality obligations. If a related entity or institution is required to outsource services to the Platform due to business requirements, the Platform shall place strict requirements to ensure that they abide by the confidentiality obligations and take necessary inspection procedures to ensure their compliance.

II. For hostile actions of use, attempted actions, or intent (including but not limited to inappropriate access of information, endangering the security system of the website, and acts of infringements that damage the rights of the Platform or others), the Platform has the right to request prosecutorial authorities, judicial authorities, or administrative authorities to assist in investigations and request compensation from the actor.

III. Please store your account, password, and job application data and do not provide any information, particularly your account and password, to any individual. After you have logged into the system and completed operations, please make sure to log out of your account. Change your password regularly to prevent illegal use by others.

Article 5. Amendment of the Privacy Policy

The Platform reserves the right to amend the contents of the Privacy Policy. All amendments shall be effective immediately after they are announced on the website and no individual notifications shall be issued.